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Pest Contol is all that we do.  From pre-construction to hospitality coverage we work hard to ensure your customers enjoy their time with you.  We continually research the latest products and methods in pest control to ensure you have the best protection possible.

What we do



We have been working alongside developers since 1988, ensuring thier customers walk into a pest-free enviroment when they see their dream building for the first time.


We serve hospitality owners who have over 1,000 rooms as well as those who have a 3-bedroom B&B.  We can manage whatever you throw at us and we do it all with a smile!


No environment is more challenging for pest control than a restaurant full of food.  However, with diligence we usually find what works for our clients and we will also do the same for you.
Bedbug Detection

Generating New Ideas Solving Big Problems

Sometimes you just have to call out the big dogs when you want to solve the BIG problems.  That’s when we call out our Dutch Shepherds.

million sensors

single bedbug detected

minutes to detection


Peace of mind


The Nose That Knows

Our Dutch Shepherd’s have over 200 million scent receptors in their noses.  Compare that to the 5 million receptors we humans have. Our dogs’ scenting ability is so powerful they can smell things that can’t even be detected by scientific instruments.  One of our dogs found a single bedbug in a large room.  ECPC is on the cutting edge of bedbug pest control.

Confidence Inspired

Our hospitality clients need the assuarance that any bedbug infestation has been throughly removed, and that is what our canine sniffers help us provide.  No scientific instrument can detect bedbugs in minutes with 97% accuracy like our four-legged friends can. Our dogs work hard so you can rest easy!

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